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Wrapping up 2023–24 with a few updates (sent July 1, 2024)

2023–24 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Title II: Adult Education Family Literacy Act (AEFLA)

Dear Adult Education Administrators:

Although the Adult Education Office (AEO) would like to be the first to welcome you into the new program year, the focus of this message is to share information that will assist with successfully wrapping up the 2023–24 activities and provide a brief look ahead as you break for summer. We also wish to recognize each of you and thank you for your continued support to adult education! Our office has been thrilled to see your social media posts honoring your graduates. Thank you for sharing them with us.

This message highlights the following topics:

  • End-of-Year Requirements
  • Fund 11 – Adult Education Compliance Reminder
  • Ushering in 2024–25
  • Welcome Back Video
  • New Administrator Orientation: Save the Date
  • Reporting Site User Account Updates
  • AEO Open Office Hours

End-of-Year Requirements

Information regarding 2023–24 end-of-year requirements is available on the WIOA, Title II: AEFLA Grant Information 2023–24 web page.

Data and documents due by July 15, 2024, include the following:

  1. End-of-Year Data, TOPSpro® Enterprise
  2. Adult Education Personnel Information
  3. End-of-Year Data Integrity Report
  4. Payment Points Summary Report
  5. End-of-Year Certification Letter
  6. Employment and Earnings Follow-up Survey

Data and documents due by August 1, 2024, include the following:

  1. Final Expenditure Claim Report (ECR)
  2. Official Payment Points Certification Letter

The Final ECR module opened on July 1, 2024, and can be accessed through the California Adult Education Online Application and Reporting Site (reporting site). Include all eligible reimbursements regardless of quarter, up to 100 percent of the award amount. Non-federal expenditures to supplement this grant must be reported and are expected to be no less than 25 percent of the grant award.

For agencies receiving ELL HealthCare funding, please make sure to report this one-time state funding on the state column of the Non-Federal Sources section of your ECR.

Workforce Training and Infrastructure Costs are included as part of the Final ECR. New agencies will not see previously reported figures displayed on the page. However, agencies who reported last year will see previously reported figures for reference. If you plan to submit zero dollars but there were costs submitted last year (or vice versa) please double check internally to verify that the entries for both years would be correct.

The data collected is required for federal reporting. Please contact your AEO Fiscal Analyst via email with questions regarding the final claim. Agencies are encouraged to visit an Open Office Hours session for additional assistance in this area.

Fund 11 – Adult Education Compliance Reminder

The recently distributed Fund 11 – Adult Education compliance reminder was intended for intended for K–12 School Districts with Adult Education funding from state and federal sources. If your agency is not a K–12 District you can disregard the letter.

Ushering in 2024–25

Grant Award Notifications (GAN) for next year are pending state approval to distribute the funding. Once available, likely mid-July, final award amounts will be posted to the 2024–25 WIOA Grant Information web page and award notifications made available within the reporting site. Refer to the preliminary award amounts for planning purposes to get a head start on preparing your budget for the second year of this grant cycle.

GANs will only be distributed to agencies in good standing and in compliance with grant requirements. This includes but is not limited to being responsive to AEO inquiries, meeting deliverable due dates, and having provided adequate level responses for the IELCE Report (for Section 243) and/or Continuous Improvement Plans the previous program year.

Welcome Back Video

We are pleased to share that a recorded video by Dr. Zachry is underway and is expected to be released in early August. This welcome message is applicable to all agency staff and will be approximately five minutes in length. Look for it in the Resources section of the reporting site.

New Administrator Orientation: Save the Date

The 2024 New Administrator Orientation (NAO) will be held virtually September 10–12, 2024. NAO is recommended for staff who have been in a position supporting WIOA adult education programs for two years or less. Registration will be released in early August. New staff onboarding this summer may be interested in accessing the 2023 NAO training website for a preview of this year’s training.

Reporting Site User Account Updates

Reporting site users with the role of OAR Admin are reminded to update all user account access, contact information, and Agency Contacts. Incoming users, such as new Adult Education Directors and Superintendents, will need access to your agency’s online account to download grant award information for year two of the grant cycle. Former staff should have their permissions removed. For additional guidance, check out the WIOA User Guide for OAR Admins in the Resources section of the reporting site. The estimated time to complete this important activity is less than 15 minutes.

AEO Open Office Hours

Our first Open Office Hours via Teams had a successful turnout! Thank you to those who attended. Your feedback has let us know this activity is meeting a need. We will be available on Tuesdays in July for drop-in questions. No registration is required. The repeating meeting link will be resent by email before our next session on July 2, 2024.

If you just want to stop by to listen in on what other agencies are asking about, that’s okay too! We encourage all agencies to attend, but especially welcome new agencies and staff seeking confirmation that they are on the right track. As reporting and responsiveness to grant requirements can be detailed, our goal is to ensure you are set up for success.

If you have any questions, please contact the AEO by email at or by telephone at 916-322-2175.


Carolyn Zachry, Ed.D.
Education Administrator and State Director
Adult Education Office
California Department of Education